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Prognosis education and advance care planning made easy.

Our Mission is to provide meaningful prognosis education and engagement tools that empower every person affected by aging, disease or ailment to make informed decisions at end of life.

The Problem


A  report by the Institute of Medicine, a panel of medical experts, concluded that Americans need more help navigating end-of-life decisions.


A  Kaiser Family Foundation poll  found that 89% of people surveyed said health care providers should discuss such issues with patients, but only 17% had had those talks themselves.


On Jan. 1st 2016, Medicare began reimbursing Physicians [and other licensed practitioners), $86 for office-based, end-of-life counseling sessions with a patient for as long as 30 minutes.


A survey conducted by Athena health, a medical billing management service, found that only about 17% of 34,000 primary care providers at 2,000 practices billed for advance care planning in all of 2016.





Patients, Caregivers and Physicians lack the educational resources to engage in meaningful conversations about prognosis, expected outcomes, and advance care planning.



Healthcare systems lack the infrastructure to support the lengthly conversations and educational programs required to prepare both patients and caregivers on the likely situation they will face at end of life.

Modern Family

The modernfamily is disbursed across several states and time zones. Time together is valuable and organizing in-depth conversations with healthcare providers regarding prognosis and outcomes can be impossible. 


 "We don't give statistics, we tell stories."

The Solution

We listen to patients. They share their dreams, fears, beliefs, values, and wishes. We turn those thoughts into an active conversation with caregivers and providers. Then, we put those decisions to work in the form of a personalized advance directive to advocate for quality of life at every stage in advanced care.


Scenario-based prognosis videos educate patients and caregivers on the likely situations and decisions they will face throughout the course of the disease.

Giving families the opportunity to set realistic expectations, prepare for worst-case scenarios, and align in their understanding of the disease and prognosis.


Interactive engagement platform allows patients, caregivers, providers, and educators the ability to share our video content and after.plan(advance directives)across platforms.

Engaging the patient's entire care team in a common understanding of the disease and prognosis to better align actions with desired outcomes.



Collaborative tool assists patients in crafting personalized advance directives that include care decisions and custom content automatically saved to their EHR (electronic health record).

Ensuring quality of life and personal values and beliefs are kept in perspective, Providing peace of mind, and Empowering caregivers to be effective advocates. 


It's your story.


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